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Biography Of Allama Iqbal:(1877-1938)


             Allama Iqbal is also called “Shaira Mashriq”. He was the person who gave the idea of Pakistan. He is also a National poet of Pakistan. He was born on 9, November 1877 in the city of British India “Sialkot”.


        His father’s name is Shaikh Noor Muhammad. His name was Muhammad Iqbal. There are many differences in the date of birth of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, but the government of Pakistan considers 9, November 1877.


           The Ancestors of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Migrates from Kasmir to Sialkot after accepting Islam at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century and settle in “Muhala Khitai”

Study Life Of Iqbal:

                    When Iqbal reached the age of Study, his father was taken him to Maulana Ghulam Hassan for study. Sheikh Noor Muhammad had friendly relations with Maulana Ghulam Hassan. From here, Iqbal’s education began. After some time, Maulana Mir Hassan passed by and he saw that the form of this child was showing enlightenment. He asked Sheikh Noor Mohammad to give higher education to his child. He also asked Sheikh Noor Mohammad to give him into my training.His father handed over Iqbal to Mir Hassan.

Training Of Meer Hassan:

                               In the training of Meer Hassan, Iqbal started studying Urdu, Persian and Arabic literature, Three years later, Mir Hassan began teaching at the Scott School Iqbal also entered there and started studying there and Iqbal also did FA from the same school. Allama Iqbal did his matric in 1893 and did FA in 1895 and then went to Lahore for higher education.

Life Of poetry:

                       At the same time, the life of Iqbal’s poetry will also begin. He has been fond of poetry since his childhood and sometimes he used to write poetry by himself but they were not serious about it he used to write his own poetry and tear it up, but now poetry was no longer his hobby but a necessity of the soul.

Stanzas Of Allama Iqbal:

Some of the Stanzas of Allama Iqbal is as follow:

1. Khudi ko kar buland itna ky har taqdeer sy pahly
    Khuda bandy sy khud pochy bata teri raza kia hy

2. Sita sy agy jahan aur bi hain
    Abi ishq ky imtihaan aur bi hai

3. Mana ky terri deed ky qabil nahi hon ma
    Tu mera shauq dekh mera intizaar dekh

4. Tu shaheen hai parwaz hy Kam tera
    Tery samny ny asmaan aur bi hain

5. Acha hy dil ka sath magar pasbaan-e-aql
    Lekin kabi kabi usy tanha bi chor do

Books Of Allama Iqbal:

                          The following are some of the famous books of Allama Iqbal;
  • The secret of the self.
  • Shikwa and jawab Shikwa.
  • Khulliyat-e-Iqbal.
  • Message from the east.
  • Javaid Nama.
  • Baly Jibrail.
  • Bangaay Dara.
  • Zerby Kaleem etc.

Political life Of Allama Iqbal:

                  On April 19, Allama Iqbal entered politics for the first time. A protest rally was held in Janialwala Bagh in the city of Amrita. During this time, General Dyer killed people, leaving a deep scar on Iqbal’s heart, he wrote this stanza.

Har Zary Chaman say kahti hai ye Haak Pak
Ghafil na rah Jahan me ghardoon ki chal sy
Sencha gya hai khoony shaheedan say is ka tukham
Tu ansoon ka bukh na Kar is Nihal sy

And then Allama Iqbal stood up for the Muslims. and then on 21, April 1938 
he passed away. This is the biography and the story of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

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