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Bill Gates Bio:

  William Henry Gates(Bill Gates) was born on 28, October 1955
in Washington city the State of the US. He is the second rich man in the
world (The richest man is Jeff Bezos). Bill
Gates’s biography 
and life stories are very interesting.

Net Worth:

  The Net Worth of Bill Gates is
uncountable. It is a fact about Bill Gates that every second there is an
increase of $250 in wealth Bill Gates, If we multiply this value with 24 hours
then it becomes 21.6 million dollars, which means Bill Gates earns 21.6 million
dollars every day.

Facts About Bill Gates : 

   If we separate the money of Bill Gates into
1 n 1 dollar then it needs 713 Planes to move the whole wealth and the money of bill gates from one place to another. If Bill Gate’s notes were spread
out in length, they would be fourteen times greater than the distance from the
earth to the moon.  And if Bill Gates continues to spend his money
for thirty-five years, he will have to spend 70 lac dollars a day, and then he
will run out of money.

Private Jet:

   As Bill Gates is the richest man in the world that’s why he
has his own Private Jet in which he travels from one place to

Quotes Of Bill Gates:

Bill Gates says

“If you were born poor then it is not your
fault whereas if you die poor then it is your fault”

This quote of Bill Gates is the way of success.


How To Succeed

      According to Bill Gates, “Nothing is impossible”,
we can make any impossible thing possible. The main point to succeed are
as following;

The first thing is Sincerity. If you are sincere not
only with people but also with your work then no one can stop you to succeed in
your life.

The second thing is Hard work. Without any hard work,
you can’t achieve any target and never succeed.

The third and main important thing is the Vision. If
you are doing Hard work and you are sincere with your work but you don’t have
any vision then you can’t succeed in your life.

The fourth one is Persistent temperament. If you are
in a Persistent mood then no one can stop you from succeeding.

Everyone has these abilities, they just need to be used.
No one will become successful without using these abilities and
tricks. To become successful in your life you must need to use these abilities.


 Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He is the owner of Microsoft
. The Windows we’re using these days is made by Bill Gate’s company
(Microsoft). He is basically a Software Engineer.

Life Of Bill Gates:

              From an early age, Bill Gates was fascinated
with computer science and learning. He kept bugging computer programming all
the time. There were no personal computers in those days. There was
only one processor that connected to many homes which takes money and had to
collect money by the hour.

Bill Gates Education:

              He studied
at the Legside school of Seattle. When Bill Gates was only 13 years old he
had learned computer programming just because of his interest. In 1983 he
completed his Graduation and took admission to 
Harvard College but after one year he and his friend left
his studies to create their own company. The aim of Bill Gates and his friend
is to simplify the computer language to study it easily.

Operating System:

              Eventually, due to their
hard work, they created an operating system named MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk
Operating System) due to which they made a lot of profit, and then the
Microsoft company was rising day by day and Bill Gates becomes the richest man
in the world. Nowadays the demand for Microsoft windows is increasing day by
day and 90% of people in the world are using Windows operating systems.


            The life story of Bill Gates teaches us a
lesson that never Gives up, do hardworking with sincerity, and believes in
yourself that “I can do this” and “I will do this”.

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