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Hammad Safi:

                              Hammad Safi is a Pakistani Motivational and Inspirational speaker. He is also a trainer. He is called ‘Nana Professor’ (Little Professor). He has visited many universities, schools, companies to motivate people and let them know the aim of life. He also met with Qasim Ali Shah and Prime Minister Imran Khan.
                 Basically, he is from Peshawar and he is Peshawari Pathan. He is a multi-talented boy. At a very small age, he is a writer, blogger, and most importantly an inspirational and motivational speaker. The complete biography of Immad Safi is below.

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Biography Of Immad:

Name:                                Immad Safi

Father Name:                     Abdul Rehman Khan

Mother Name:                    Unknown

D.O.B:                                March 23, 2007

Nationality:                         Pakistani

Birth Place:                        Peshawar, Pakistan

Province:                            K.P.K

Religion:                             Islam

Age(In 2020):                     13 years

Passion:                             Motivating People

Also:                                   Freelancer, Blogger, and Graphic Designer

Education:                          Still Studying

Website:                             https://hammadsafi.com

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