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                    In this article, we will tell you the complete biography, height, age, wiki, wives and family of Imran Khan. So without wasting any time let’s start our journey.
Imran Khan Bio & Wiki:
                      Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi is the biggest cricket of his generation and also Pakistan’s greatest superstar and the world’s only Prime Minister who has also won a world cup. He was born on 5, October 1952 in Lahore and he is now 67 years old. The Biographyof Imran Khan is very interesting I will tell you all about Imran Khan so keep reading the blog.

Imran Khan Family:
                   Imran Khan has two sons Sulaiman Isa KhanQasim Khan. They are the sons of Jemima Goldsmith.Imran had three wives first one is Jemima Goldsmith who is divorced and the second one is Raheel Shareefwho is also divorced and the third one who is the present wife of Imran Khan is Bushra Bibi.

Imran Khan Life Story:
                   Imran had a dream childhood only a brother of four sisters wealthy families, lots of cousins Lots of playing around along with quality education Imran Khan was born in a proud family. His family had wealth and history to be proud of Imran’s great-great-great-great-grandfather was Haibat Khan Niazi. He was a general in Sher Shah Suri’s army. He conquered Sindh, Punjab, and Kashmir but Imran did not become a military general Because Imran was more influenced by his maternal family Imran’s two maternal cousins have captained Pakistan cricket. That’s how Imran developed an interest in cricket. 
             In childhood, Imran had only one hobby: Kite Flying but Imran Khannever bought a kite. He only used to capture them. He kept this hobby until Basant (kite flying festival) got banned It was a nice festival (Basant).

Imran’s Cricket Career:
                      Imran’s cricket career started at Aitchison College Lahore. This is the college of Lahore’s elite and Imran found a place in his college’s team Aitchison is the college where Malaysia and Indonesia’s princes came to study. This is where Imran’s cricket started, and also his character started to develop And from Aitchison, he went to Oxford University Oxford is the place where Imran’s record streak started. He didn’t only rise up to being Oxford’s captain. 

First Non-English Captain:
                       He became the first non-English Oxford captain even though Imran could have easily gotten a place in England’s national team and he was seriously considering it but his cousin convinced him that he can serve Pakistan in a much bigger way compared to England and Finally, on June 3, 1971, Imran Khan made debut from Pakistan in Birmingham and what a terrible debut it was. He only mustered five runs before getting run out and bowled 28 overs but could not get a single wicket. In fact, Imran got his first wicket in 1974. By this time, Imran seemed a pretty ordinary player who could be kicked out of the team at any time and will be forgotten easily.

                     But Imran had other plans Imran used to bowl medium-pace but his attitude was of an extremely fast bowler that’s why he wasn’t being truly successful Then Imran started to focus on bowling fast, seriously fast for this, he started rigorous training, made fitness his obsession and set his diet accordingly his effort.

Cricket Match with Australia:
                       Finally paid off in 1977 Pakistan was playing against Australia. The team had already lost in Melbourne and Sydney was the next challenge But Pakistan’s cornered tiger woke up and Imran bagged a 10 wicket haul for the first time and Pakistan defeated Australia. In Australia this match had a lot of crazy moments Back then, there were no helmets and no neutral umpires So, what happened was that when Pakistan was batting Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee kept bowling bouncers to Pakistani batsmen and the whole crowd was screaming” Lillee, Lillee, Kill! Kill!” When Imran started to bowl similar bouncers to Australia, the home umpire didn’t like it And told Pakistani skipper Mushtaq Mohammad to control Imran or he shall remove him from bowling Mushtaq did tell initially tell Imran not to bowl bouncers (and that made Imran quite angry) But when Imran reached his bowling mark Mushtaq ran up to him and said: “Hit the Faster between the eyes!” 

After Sidney Test:
                    After the Sydneytest, there was no stopping Imran Khan or the Pakistan cricket team Imran was soon made captain and Pakistan kept bagging one series after another With Javed Miandad’s sixer, an era started where Pakistan kept knocking India out of the gulf for nearly 10 years Pakistan discovered players like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar, and Inzamam ul Haq Pakistan became set to become world’s number one team.

World Cup Of 1987:
                     1987’s World Cup was coming up and this tournament was to be played in India and Pakistan Imran Khan wanted to win this tournament and just retire Even though Imran was playing brilliantly, he said that he wanted to retire Otherwise, otherwise, get kicked out Pakistan lost to Australia (eventual champion) in the semi-final And Imran took retirement after a ravishing career of 16 years In 1987,
                            Pakistan’s president was General Zia ul Haq was a major cricket fanatic Imran took retirement but Pakistan’s next series was against West Indies Back then, the mighty West Indies was just a nightmare for any opponent World’s most fearsome bowlers and world’s most charismatic batsmen General Zia requested Imran to come back into the team otherwise Pak team will get hammered Imran obliged series took place and was tied Imran was named man of the Series But now, Imran’s dream was not just to play cricket.

Mother Disease:
             Imran’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and Imran was very close to his mother When Imran got to know how difficult it is to battle cancer How much care is required and how expensive is the treatment then he thought about the poor people of his country how would a poor man battle cancer? This was the moment when he decided to earn money from cricket and build a cancer hospital with it In the twilight years of his career, Imran’s whole focus was on earning money.

How Imran earn money:
                 He worked in Pepsi commercials Played as many matches as he could Commentate, wrote columns. Basically, did everything he could to earn an extra buck And that’s where the first allegation comes… betting and gamblingEven though this allegation was never confirmed and also this is not true. He used to bet that Pakistan will win the match and then used to give 101% to make the team win Pakistan used to win and Imran used to get money Second and the most famous allegation is of being a playboy He heartthrob captained ruled the hearts of millions of girls.

Imran Khan Qualities:
                   On one side, Imran was one of the best cricket players On the other hand, he was one of the most good looking players Many affairs are famous with Imran’s name. The affair with Zeenat Aman was the most famous, One she is an Indian actress known for being bold Zeenat started doing loads of things that made everyone feel that Imran is having an affair with her Sometimes, if Imran was playing in India Zeenat used to book a room in the same hotel as Imran She even said that a fortune-teller has told me that my future husband’s name begins with “I” Obviously, film magazines and newspapers hyped this non-affair to the limit. However, Imran never seemed much interested in Zeenat’s approaches. 

Better Life Of Imran Khan:
           Whenever we talk to Imran about his youth He never claims that he was a pious person He clearly says that back then he didn’t have “Iman” and I had a lot of faults in me But, after retirement, I got time and started studying Allama Iqbal That’s where his life took a big turn Imran connected with his culture and legacy. He started wearing the national dress everywhere, started speaking Urdu, and became punctual in offering prayers Basically, he became a proper Pakistani Muslim. His wife Jemima also adjusted herself in Pakistan She became a proper Pakistani woman and started to help Imran in buildingShaukat Khanum Hospital

Political Life of Imran Khan:
           Initially, Imran had no plans of joining politics But after getting depressed with traditional politicians, he finally made a political party of his own: Movement for Justice Initially, it was called a tanga (horse carriage) party because the party had very few members and all of them could fit in a tanga But it was a political party nonetheless And suddenly, the man who was a national hero until just a few days ago became a political competitor and he was immediately bombarded with allegations such as Jewish agent, bookie, a cocaine addict. These are the allegations that we can say here And there were many other allegations that absolutely cannot be said openly. Jemima also took the brunt she was alleged of smuggling and faking practicing a religion Jemima got so annoyed that she demanded Imran to either come to England or divorce Imran said I’m not going to leave Pakistan Imran is an outrageously stubborn guy Perhaps that’s the reason he alone stood against all other politicians alone Got divorced but continued the struggle.

             This is all about the life of the current Prime Minister Of Pakistan. I hope you enjoy the blog by reading. If it was knowledgeable for you please provide feedback and stay with us stay safe.

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