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                    Many people have a curiosity to know the biography of Seth Abid. Well, in this article we will tell you the complete biography, Wiki, Son, Age, Networth, and Family of Seth Abid. So without wasting any time let’s start our journey.

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Seth Abid Bio And Wiki:

                    Seth Abid was a great and famous businessman but unfortunately, only a few people know his biography. Seth Abid was born in 1936 in Kasur, Pakistan, and died on 8 January 2021 at the age of 85. He had done many impossible projects and done a great job for Pakistan.

Seth Abid Networth & Occupation:

                     Seth Abid was a successful businessman and his net worth was $780 million. He was occupationally a Smugglerbut had done many projects for Pakistan’s wealth.

Seth Abid Son And Family:

                     Seth Abid has three sons and a daughter. His daughter’s name is Nusrat Shaheen who is handicapped. His two sons are also disabled and his son Hafiz Ayaz (who was mentally and physically fit) was killed when he was going to offered his Taraweeh. Seth Abid’s disabled children are living in the U.S.A.

Famous Stories And Contributions:

                    His main and important contribution was in the preparation of the Atom Bomb when he smuggles the plant to Pakistan to make an atom bomb. By this great job, General Zia ul Haq appreciated him.

Seth Abid Funeral:

                    Seth Abid’s funeral was offered on 8 January 2021 after the prayer of Asar in the city.

Biography & Wiki:

Full Name:           Shaik Abid Hussain

Nick Name:         Seth Abid

Date Of Birth:     1936

Birthplace:          Kasur, Pakistan

Date Of Death:     8th January 2021

Day Of Death:     Friday

Age At Death:     84 – 85

Nationality:         Pakistani

Occupation:         Smuggler Of Gold

Religion:             Islam

Education:          Graduation

Sons:                  Three, Hafiz Ayaz, and two more

Daughter:             One, Nusrat Shaheen


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