Shaykh Zahir Mahmood Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Maslak, & Family


Shaykh Zahir Mahmood Bio, Wiki, Age, Religion, Wife, Son, Family & Networth || Anybodybiography


            In this article, we are going to tell you the biography and wiki of a famous Youtuber and motivational speaker named Shaykh Zahir Mehmood. We also discuss his height, age, wife, siblings, and life story. So, If you are interested then keep reading the article till the end. So without wasting any time let’s start our journey.

Shaykh Zahir Mehmood:

Shaykh Zahir Mehmood is a famous Public speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, Motivational speaker, and erudite scholar. He was born in South England. He belongs to a religious family. His father was very religious but his father spend a lot of time in Pakistan and at that time he live in England.
Therefore, he did not have much attachment to religion. When he came back from Pakistan, he saw that his son had completely distanced himself from religion, so it was very important to bring him to religion. So he decided to bring their son back to religion.

Bio, Wiki, & Age:

           Shaykh Zahir Mehmood belongs to a Pakistani family but he lives in England. He was almost 45 years old in 2023. He belongs to a religious family.
Shaykh Zahir Mahmood Bio, Wiki, Age, Religion, Wife, Son, Family & Networth || Anybodybiography

Social Media:

YouTube Channel:

            He started his YouTube channel on Joined 2 Oct 2018,  Now he has more than 16K+ subscribers on YouTube with a lot of videos and 806,760+ views. His YouTube channel is Shaykh Zahir Mahmood


       He is active on Instagram. He usually posts his picture, reels, and stories on Instagram. He has more than 9855+ followers with 127+ posts and 0+ following on Instagram. His Instagram account is shaykhzahirmahmood


He completed his early education in south England. After that, he joins Madrasa  Dar al-Uloom al-Arabiyya al-Islamiyya.And now he is khatib in the masjid of Aston.

The life story of Shaykh Zahir Mehmood:

                A liberal man who changes his life by the mercy of Allah. He told in his live session that he was that person who just enjoy his life with friends and also ruined his life. It is true that his father was a good man but due to the absence of his father in England, he had become far away from religion. He was not very good at his studies so he decided to leave the difficult studies and become a scholar.
One day he went to the mosque and there he heard Molana (Islamic Scholar) who was saying that “If we only eat for that then what is the difference between us and animals”. This had a great impact on his heart and he made up his mind that he will become a practicing Muslim.
This was the turning point of his life from which he was attracted to Islam. After that, he spent 17 days with Tablighi Jamaat. After returning from there, he started going to different Madrasahs. Then he took permission from various shaykhs to teach the Holy Quran, hadiths, and fiqh.
He completed his primary education at the age of 16, after which he enrolled in a Madrasa Dar al-Uloom al-Arabiyya al-Islamiyya for Alamiya.  He studied in al-Jamia al-Islamiyya, Karachi, Pakistan for 3 years.  He completed his Alamiya course from Dar al-Uloom Newcastle, South Africa, where he completed Bukhari Sharif from a great scholar, Sheikh Qasim Seema.
Along with his religious education, he continued his secular education and after returning to the UK, he completed his BA in Applied theological studies. Apart from this, he also translated some Islamic books into English and also taught in Madrasa for two years.
Now he is also a preacher in a mosque in Aston, he has attracted many people to religion through his teaching, and he has traveled all over the world to meet people and invited them to Islam.
Shaykh Zahir Mahmood Bio, Wiki, Age, Religion, Wife, Son, Family & Networth || Anybodybiography


Full Name:        shaykh zahir Mehmood
Age (In 2023):     almost 45 years old

Birthplace:       South England

Hometown:       Sindh, Pakistan

Religion:            Islam

Profession:       Preacher, Islamic Scholar

Nationality:      Pakistani, England

School:             from England

Education:       Almiya from  Dar al-Uloom Newcastle, South Africa

Social Media:

Instagram:    shaykhzahirmahmood

YouTube:     Shaykh Zahir Mahmood


Father:                    Not known
Mother:                  Not Known
Siblings:                  Not Known
Status:                    Married
Wife:                       Not Known
Brother name:      Not known  
Sisters name:        Not known

Physical State:

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Eye Color:         Black
Hair Color:        Black
Body Shape:     Slim


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