Tariq Aziz Biography, Date Of Death, Age At Death And Education (TV Personality)


Tariq Aziz
Biography Of Tariq Aziz:
                     Tariq Aziz was born on 28 April 1936 in Jalandhar, Punjab. His father’s name is Miyan Abdul Aziz Pakistani. He had given this name even before Pakistan was formed. He was one of the high paid Anker of Pakistan.
                   He got his early education from Jalandhar Punjab. After becoming Pakistan, they shifted to the Sahiwal districtHe moved to Lahore for further education and work.

         When Tariq Aziz moved to Lahore, he did many jobs but could not succeed in any of them. He first became a news generalist and then worked on the radio. Then in 1964 when TV came, he started working in Television. He did a great job as a TV Anker and he is also called the first face of Pakistani Television.
Famous Movies And shows:
                                     The most famous Television show of Tariq Aziz is Neelam Ghar which is started in 1975 and lasted for many years in which he worked  30 continuously. He also made 25+ movies. Of all these, his most hit movies are Insaniyat(1967), Salgira(1969) Saughat(1970) and so many.

Political Life Of Tariq Aziz:
                     He started his politics with the PPP during the Bhutto era and then joined the Muslim League. In addition to joining the Muslim League, he contested the National Assembly elections in Lahore against Imran Khan and current prime minister Imran Khan lost the election Of Nation Assembly.
Married Life Of Tariq Aziz:
                                     Tariq Aziz’s wedding was very late. Some people say that Tariq Aziz did not have any children but he had a son who is dear to God.
Date Of Death:
              He died on June 17, 2020He deposited his property and Rs 40 million cash in the government treasury. He was a great actor in Pakistan. May Allah Almighty grant him a high position in Paradise.

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