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            In this article, we are going to tell you the Biography and wiki of a famous Youtuber and Instagramer named Tuaha Ibn Jalil. We also discuss its height, age, wife, siblings, and life story. If you are interested then keep reading the article till the end. So without wasting any time let’s start our journey.

Tuaha ibn Jalil:

            Tuaha ibn Jalil is a famous Public speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, Motivational speaker and head of the Youth Club. He belongs to a Punjabi family. In the beginning, he was a liberal person who just wanted to live his own life he believed in the existence of Allah but he never tried to become a practicing Muslim later on, Gradually, he started believing in Allah and then became a practicing Muslim now he changed him as a real hero for every young man.

Bio, Wiki, & Age:

            Tuaha Ibn Jalil belongs to a Punjabi family. He was born on 20 February 1990 in Lahore now in 2022 he is 32 years old. He has 1 sister and 2 brothers. also have 2 cute babies named Abdullah and Hana.

Social Media:

Youtube Channel:

            He started his YouTube channel on 12 September 2019,  Now he has more than 629k+ subscribers on YouTube with 396+ videos and 32,132,171+ views. His youtube channel is Tuaha Ibn Jalil


       He is active on Instagram. He daily posts his pictures, reels, and stories on Instagram. He has more than 233k followers with 810+ posts and 0+ followings on Instagram. His Instagram account is tuahajalil


        He joined Twitter in October 2011. He has 23.6K+ followers with 137+ Following. He is very active on Twitter. His Twitter account is Tuaha Ibn Jalil.
Biography, Wikipedia, Wife and Age of Tuaha Ibn Jalil | Anybodybioagraphy

Life story of Tuaha Ibn Jalil:

                A liberal man who changes his life by the mercy of Allah. He told in his live session that he was that person who just enjoyed his life at parties with friends but in 2008 he performed Umrah and here he saw a dream that he was saving the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) from his enemies as this was the age of fun he ignores this dream. Then after some years when he gave dawah to people, he realized that this dream had an impact on his life.

Three incidents of life:

                Three incidents of life that totally changed his life are the following.
First one, he says that once I was in a concert in Multan where many people were coming and going after their performances and we were enjoying a lot of dance and drugs. After the concert was over, a man came and asked permission to speak on stage and everyone was expecting that he was going to appreciate the time spent at the concert.

        But when he went on stage, he said thank you so much for ruining our prayer. After saying this sentence he left the stage, but this sentence hit me hard that I used to think that we are also Muslims. Then why did we not worry about Maghrib prayer? It was the first time in my life that I regretted what I had done, but it was only temporary. Everything will be ok after this.

The second incident in my life is that I always used to go swimming and beside the swimming pool there is a mosque where the worshipers were praying and I used to walk past them. I used to see everyone going to pray, then one day I thought that when all of them can go to pray, how wretched I am that I pass by here every day, but I was not able to pray even one day, then one day I decided to go for prayer. On the first day, I felt a sense of peace within me after praying Maghrib. Then I decided that I would go here daily to pray. 

The Third incident in my life was when I was riding my heavy bike on the streets of Islamabad. A car came and hit me so hard that it threw me away. At that time, it was dark in front of my eyes and I did not understand anything about where I was, but one thing in my mind was that one day everyone would die and I was seeing my own death at that time. On that day I prayed to Allah, don’t let me die, give me life, I will repent, I will live according to you, but don’t let me die now. 

    And that day Allah really gave me another life then I thought that I would never do against the will of Allah and would always live according to it as long as I am alive. After this accident, I decided that now I had to get out of the dirty life. And I did that. I asked Allah for forgiveness for all my sins and decided to live the rest of my life according to his will.
Biography, Wikipedia, Wife and Age of Tuaha Ibn Jalil | Anybodybioagraphy


Full Name:        Tuaha Ibn Jalil

First Name:        Tuaha

Last Name:         Jalil

Date Of Birth:    20 February 1990

Age (In 2022):     32 years

Birthplace:         Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Hometown:       Islamabad, Pakistan

Zodiac Sign:      Pisces

Religion:            Islam

Profession:       Youtuber, Instagramer, head of the youth club 

Nationality:      Pakistani

School:               Government College Lahore      

Education:        BS in Economics and Political Sciences

Net worth:        9 Lakh (Approx.)

Social Media:

Instagram:  tuahajalil

Youtube:     Tuaha Ibn Jalil

Twitter:        Tuaha Ibn Jalil


Father:                    Jalil
Mother:                  Not Known
Siblings:                  3
Status:                    Married
Wife:                       Fatima
Children:                2
Brother name:      Not known  
Sister name:        Not known

Physical State:

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Eye Color:         Black
Hair Color:        Black
Body Shape:     Slim
Biography, Wikipedia, Wife and Age of Tuaha Ibn Jalil | Anybodybioagraphy


Q1- Where is Tuaha Ibn Jalil from?
Ans: He is from Islamabad.

Q2- How many sisters does Tuaha Ibn Jalil have?
Ans: He has 2 sisters. 

Q3- How many subscribers does Tuaha have on YouTube?
Ans: He has 633k+ followers on YouTube.

Q4- How old is Tuaha?
Ans: He is 32 years old in 2022.


  • He always tries to conquer his fear At the age of 5 he started horse riding and swimming which is difficult at such an age.
  • He belongs to a financially strong family.
  • He is good at games like hockey, horse riding, badminton, hiking, football, cricket, cliff diving, etc
  • He says that whenever he goes deep in sins ALLAH used to put some trouble on me so that I return to the path of Allah.
  • Allah Almighty has given him the talent that he can explain his words to everyone in a good way


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