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                        In this article, I am going to tell you a biography, Age, residence, and more information about Waqas Haider. If you want to know these information keep reading the article.

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Waqas Haider:

               Waqas Haider is a Pakistani Youtuber currently living in Sharjah, UAE. He is a part-time Youtuber who started his channel in 2012. But seriously working on it in 2018.


              As I said that he is a part-time Youtuber so, he is doing a job in the agricultural department for 7 hours a day.

Before YouTube channel:

                 Before the starting of his YouTube channel, he had also some Islamic informative pages on Facebook and Islamic education platforms. He likes to give information about Islam as well as information about the world.


                  He had done B.COM E-commerce from Punjab University and currently working in the agricultural department in Sharjah, UAE.

Content Creating:

                   According to Waqas Haider, he collects data from the official website as well as personal blogs that are available on google. He takes information from websites and makes the script of this data. His a lot of time is used in writing script and editing video. He uses a simple mic of “Boya” for voice over.


                    He had three YouTube channels that are;
In his channel “Haider TV” he shares global information and information about the world.
In his second channel “Haider Tech” he shares information about technology.
In his third channel “Waqas Haider” he shares his personal life like vlogs and personal experiences etc.


                    According to my opinion, both channels provide quality content that is useful for everyone. As it increases our IQ level. I must recommend you to watch the videos of Waqas Haider.


First Name:                    Waqas

Last Name:                    Haider

Born Place:                    Pakistan

Nationality:                    Pakistani

Residence:                    Sharjah, UAE

Religion:                        Islam

Education:                     B.COM in E-commerce

University:                     Punjab

Occupation:                   Part-time Youtuber & employee in the agricultural department

YouTube Channels:       Haider TV, Haider Tech, Waqas Haider

Subscribers in 2020:    Haider TV (3.53M), Haider Tech (444k), Waqas Haider (106k)

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