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Yousaf Saleem:

Yousaf Proved Himself: 

                         Yousaf Saleem is the first Pakistani Blind Judge who proved that ”Nothing is impossible in this mortal world“. Nowadays, our youth has many lame excuses that we can’t do this or that because it is full of difficulties, but if we start doing the work, we will definitely succeed.

Story And Motivation:

                  Yousaf is a great motivation for our youth that, we can do anything if we adopt the habit of Never give up. He is from Lahore. He was a student of LLB. His age is 25(In 2020). He was a topper of his university (University of Punjab). He attempted the civil judge exam in which more than 6500 candidates are joined, out of these only 21 can pass the exam and he was one of them. After this exam, he is selected for an interview but unfortunately, he was rejected due to his disability. But the supreme court mentioned that there is no Law in which people with disabilities are not made judges.


                 Yousaf is the youngest child in his family. His father is a Charted Accountant (CA). He has four elder sisters. His family especially his sister is admirable. His sister Saima Saleem was the first Pakistani blind civil services officer. She was a gold medalist from Kinnaird College & ranked sixth in the civil services exam which was held in 2007.

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